Long Lake Communication Station: Active

Today, I have established a communication station at Long Lake Provincial Park. The transmitting walkie-talkie is housed at the Khyber Centre for the Arts, and available for public use in the gallery. Anyone in the area is welcome to drop by the Khyber over the next few days to project their voice into the forest.

You can say anything— nearby wildlife will hear you…

Location of the Long Lake Communication Station, established November 5, 2012


Protect Your Love opens tonight!

The culmination of Protect Your Love is opening at the Khyber tonight at 8pm. Here, visitors can view the footage of my sites and communication stations. All are welcome to attend!

Thanks to Dan Joy, as well as the staff and volunteers of the Khyber for all the help installing.

For more information about the exhibition, click here.



A side note…

October 13th— Halifax’s Nocturne—  is fast approaching…. I will be performing in the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. Everyone is welcome to join me in the wildlife galleries: here, I will sing lullabies that I have written for the museum’s specimens, in an attempt to lull them to sleep. My efforts will begin at 6pm, they will be repeated each hour on the hour,  and again at 11:30pm.

These animals have been standing so still for decades; perhaps the lullabies will help them rest…

A Second Look

I have begun pouring over my video footage of the communication stations, trying to determine if I missed an encounter— I’m still hopeful I may find something…

This is the first review:

I am itching to install another site, to try again…


Meanwhile, I am touched that there has been coverage of my project in Halifax’s The Coast. My efforts to make contact have become a front cover story which can be read here:

Serve and Protect, By Adria Young

Thanks to Adria Young for her article: “Serve and Protect”.

Anticipating Conversation

Writing notes for the communication stations

The Highlands Communication Station

Still Waiting


I waited for hours. I spoke, I sang, I read out-loud, I watched, but there was still no sign. I know they were there— I saw moose droppings on the hike home. But I can’t tell if any of them approached the communication stations— I don’t know if I was able to make contact.


I am still figuring out what to do next… I will return with an update soon.


The Highlands



Second Site

Site 2. Communication Station 3.

looking for a sign and wondering how to proceed

As night fell, and after a long day of attempted conversation, I resigned to my tent. As soon as I turned out the light I heard a large animal walk by my fence perimeter. I was too afraid to say anything.

I travel to the Cape Breton Highlands today.


First Site

Watching and waiting…

Still no contact with or sightings of wildlife, in spite of kind words, a gentle tone, and friendly assurances. In a short while I will have another chance— I depart in several minutes to establish my next communication station.

First Communication Stations, part 2

Communication Station #2


Heading Back

The Misty Trek Home

I will try my luck again tomorrow at Kejimkujik National Park, which borders the Tobeatic Wilderness Area— the largest remaining wilderness area of Nova Scotia…